Winter Projects
This is a photo of some airplanes I made for Jonathan. He always has me make paper combat planes. I decided for Christmas to make some small replicas of combat ships. These were more difficult to build than the full size ones. He has been making me fly them with him non-stop since Christmas morning. Just thought you would like to see how I am trying to keep the next generation primed for combat.

Dave Parizo

Ken Hargreaves doesn't just build combat ships - check out this B-29 - a work of art in progress.
Jonathan and Dave are now getting a little more serious - these are both photos of Jonathan's first airplane.
Ken Hargreaves just completed a new Litehawk for lunch hour practice sessions when the weather finally permits - real pretty.
Mark Rudner talked about a pit box project he will be undertaking, in his most recent F2D column - this is the beginnings of that project. 
Ken Hargreaves has a good portion of next year's fleet ready to go - very pretty airplanes.
Ken Hargreaves new 1/2A Litehawk powered with a brand new Profi.
Kens anxious to see how it performs - so am I .