Winter Projects 2007
Ken Hargreave's "Sweet Sweep" - From time to time Ken builds one from day's gone by - this design finished second at the 1956 Nats.
Jeff Vader builds some of the prettiest airplanes on the circuit - Above and below Shay shows off part of the 2007 fleet
"Kitty" the Cat is in charge of Quality Control in Jim Carpenter's workshop - Jim's pretty Mustang definitely meets with Kitty's approval.
Brian Stas, inspired by Ken Hargreaves 2006 pit box, set out to come up with one box to hold the esentials for both F2D and GX.  The box in the background is for Jeff Vader. Jeff will add the neccessary holes to match his equipment. Brian promises one more photo when the project is done.
Brian Stas' Finished Pit Box
This is the finished product.  On the fuel bottle end of the box there is a small primer bottle, on the other side of it, is an X-acto knife.  In front of the knife you can see a small film canister.  This is attached to a 3" tube that goes down into the box and will hold spare bladders.  One of the ends of the box come off to access the inside if needed.  Orders will be taken.