2007 More Winter Projects
The information and the photos below came via an e-mail from Brian Stas:

These are real ( Un-retouched) authentic photographs of the little seen, Paul the Builder !!  Combat Folk Lore says he never, ever builds anything, he simply repairs what he broke.  This is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he can in fact glue new, unused, balsa wood.  I believe a new found building buddy found a way to coax him out of that cave in Brockton and put an X-acto knife in his hands.  This preceding statement was signed under oath, and hereto claim its accuracy or suffer the pains and penalties of this Commonwealth.      Brian
The info and photos below are from Ken Hargreaves - his 2007 fleet has a new look - new paint scheme on both his latest Carbon Coyotes and his Jeff Dawson designs.

The whale tail are from Jeff Dawson in San Antonio,Tx...  21.3 oz  I have some real good ideas to make some of my own . . .  these seem real tough
Jeff Vader pit box -basic box built by Brian Stas -  customized and finished by Jeff Vader to suit his own needs
The Little Stinker - Glenn Simpson - circa 1951

Neil Simpson is working on an airplane that has a rich history in the Simpson family. Big brother Glenn designed this airplane in the early fifties and campaigned it in combat circles all around New England. It was the very first control line airplane little brother Neil ever flew.