Winter Projects
send us photos of what your working on and  I'll add it to the collection

Ken Hargreaves built this B-17 as a Christmas gift for his Dad, Bill Hargreaves. That's Bill on Christmas day with the fruits of Ken's labor.
Ken wanted to leave it uncovered to show off the intricate stick construction.
Quite a project . . . . . very nice gift !
Ken also has the prototype ready for next year's  GX fleet . . .  pretty stuff !
bladder tanked - 32SX powered

The Ultimate Carbon Coyote - engine set back into the lead edge - carbon fiber boom - coffee can coring - little bidy aluminum mounts - outside holes moved closer to spar to minimize twisting and increase strength per a Larry Driskill suggestion

Latest, below, is more a conservative approach - no set back - wooden mounts - arrowshaft boom - seems to fly just as good and allows me to recycle existing center sections - note only three coffee can holes to reduce twisting at wing tips
Ken Hargreave's Model Room and Workshop - Check out that rack full of F2D ships
The three photos below are Jeff Vader's new model room. Most of his efforts this winter have been put into this project, however, as you can see, in some of the photos, he is just now, beginning to put together some foamies.
Mark Rudner shown "rocking" with his band.
One of the interests Mark has outside his modeling activities.

Ken Hargreave's is planning on flying Fast at the Nats this year -  This one is a Bill Mayweld kit fresh off Ken's assembly line