Wingbuster Fall Fly-Off

OCTOBER 31, 2010 – MIDDLEBORO, MA – This year the Wingbuster Club Field in Middleboro, Massachusetts was chosen as the site for our annual post-season contest. In addition to being a great late season Formula GX event, this post season contest has become the forum at which the top finishers in the New England season point championships receive their awards. The weather was seasonable, with temperatures into the fifties, however the wind was strong and made things difficult, at times. This year’s event attracted eight pilots, to celebrate  a successful 2010 Formula GX season.

Round one saw Joe Fustolo post a 620 win followed closely by Jeff Vader and Chris Sarnowski who each posted 520 point wins. In round two Jeff and Joe matched up. Jeff emerged with an airtime win when Joe had mechanical problems. Round two also saw Chris post a one cut win over Brian Stas taking the contest lead in the process followed closely, on the leaderboard, by Jeff. Following a slow start, Neil Simpson got into the hunt, earning a one cut win over Paul Kubek.  Round three started with Jeff and Chris mid-airing late in their match hurting both their cumulative scores in the process. Round three also saw Neil get another good win when he managed a one cut win over Joe. Going into the final round it was Neil with 1550 points, Chris with 1440 points, Brian with 1335 points, Jeff with 1240 points and Joe within sight at 920 points. The last three matches would be meaningful. In the first of these Joe got past Glenn Simpson with a one cut win. In the next match Brian and Jeff mid aired very early killing their chances. In the final Neil and Chris started strong with good early action. Neil managed a small cut fairly early on and then shortly after that Chris’ engine went over lean and slowed noticibly. Neil moved in for two more quick cuts before the lack of power and a strong gust of wind caused Chris to crash. When the scores were tabulated Neil had the win and Joe had moved all the way up to a second place tie with Chris. In the subsequent fly off Joe earned the win and a second place finish in the contest. Jake Vader took home the sportsman “gold”.
Thank you, again this week, to the Wingbuster Model Airplane Club for the use of their fine facility and thanks to all the guys who helped judge the matches, not just on this day, but all year long. 

Wingbuster Fall Fly-Off
8 contestants ( 6 from MA ) ( 2 from NH )
16 matches - 4 mid-airs

(E) Neil Simpson/E. Brookfield, MA  2380pts
(E) Joe Fustolo/Stoughton, MA1540pts * won fly-off
(A) Chris Sarnowski-Brookline, MA  1540pts * lost fly-off
(E) Brian Stas/Kingston, MA   1435pts
(E) Jeff Vader/Franklin, NH      1340pts
(S) Jake Vader/Franklin, NH    1020pts
(E) Glenn Simpson/Worcester, MA  1000pts
(A) Paul Kubek/Brockton, MA   900pts

The top finishers are Neil Simpson (1st), Joe Fustolo (2nd), Chris Sarnowski(3rd)
and Jake Vader (1st Sportsman)

photos courtesy of Jeff Vader