Fall Fly-Off

NOVEMBER 5, 2006 – HINGHAM, MA – Again this year the Wompatuck State Forest in Hingham, Massachusetts was chosen as the site for our annual post-season contest. In addition to being a great late season Formula GX event, this post season contest has become the forum at which the top finishers in the New England season point championships receive their awards. The weather was Seasonably warm, with temperatures peaking in the fifties.  There was a warm sun with little or no wind, another good day for combat. This year’s event attracted nine New England pilots, to draw down the curtain on a very successful year 2006 Formula GX season.

Round one saw Rick Clark get off to the best start posting a two cut win over Brian Stas.  In round two Rick mid-aired while both Neil Simpson and Brian Stas posted three cut wins. Round three started with a good match between Rick and Neil that would have ended in one cut apiece draw, except for a missed airtime by Rick. Going into round four Neil had 1750 points, Brian had 1530 points, Rick was still within striking distance as was Glenn Simpson and Jeff Vader who were flying steady and accumulating points. Early in round four Glenn flew Matt Stas to a one-cut apiece draw. In the semi-final match Rick earned a one cut win over Jeff. In the final Neil and Brian squared off in a match that ended in a one cut apiece draw. The final order of finish was Neil, Brian, Rick and  Glenn.
Thank You, from everyone, to Rick Clark, who secured permission to use the site and also cd’ed the event. Also, Thanks go out to all the guys who helped judge the matches, not just on this day, but all year long. 

Wompatuck Fall Fly-Off
9 contestants ( 8 from MA,  1 from NH )
18 matches - 5 mid-airs

(E) Neil Simpson/E. Brookfield, MA2160pts
(A) Brian Stas/Kingston, MA  1940pts
(A) Rick Clark/Hingham, MA   1845pts
(E) Glenn Simpson/Worcester, MA 1720pts
(A) Jeff Vader/Franklin, NH     1635pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves/Worcester, MA1630pts
(A) Paul Kubek/Brockton, MA1430pts
(A) Matt Stas/Kingston, MA   1415pts
(E) Joe Fustolo/Stoughton, MA910pts

Matt Stas and Joe Fustolo
Ken Hargreaves and Paul Kubek have one of Ken's pretty machines ready for action
This is an interesting shot - the guy on the right is thinking " Oh No, not my airplane " - the guy on the left is thinking " Oh Yes, more combat ".
Neil Simpson
..it happens
Brian and Matt Stas
Brian Stas
Rick Clark seems to be asking for
"one click leaner"
Ken Hargreaves and Joe Fustolo
Team Stas
Jeff Vader and his pretty airplane
Rick and Jeff
Neil and Glenn Simpson
The trophy winners were Neil Simpson (1st), Brian Stas (2nd),
Rick Clark (3rd) and Glenn Simpson (4th)
Rick and Ken
photos courtesy of Jeff Vader