Fall Fly-Off

NOVEMBER 7, 2004 – HINGHAM, MA – Again this year the Wompatuck State Forest in Hingham, Massachusetts was chosen as the site for our annual post-season contest. In addition to being a great late season Formula GX event, this post season contest has become the forum at which the top finishers in the New England season point championships receive their awards. The weather was Seasonably warm, with temperatures peaking in the low sixties, however, a strong wind was an annoyance, during an otherwise perfect day. This year’s event attracted eight New England pilots, to draw down the curtain on a very successful year 2004 Formula GX season.

Round one saw Neil Simpson and Ken Hargreaves get off to the best starts posting 830 point and 725 point wins respectively.  Round two started with a match up between Ken and Neil that ended in a one cut apiece draw. Meanwhile Rick Clark, Brian Stas and Jeff Vader were all flying steady and were just off the pace set by Neil and Ken. Going into round three Neil had 1340 points, Ken had 1235 points, Rick had 1130 points, Brian had 1030 points and Jeff had 1025 points. Round three started with a match between Rick and Neil that ended in low scoring draw as did a subsequent match between Ken and Brian. Round three also saw Genn Simpson emerge as a contender following a slow start, in his early matches. Early in round four Paul Kubek used a three cut win to post the clubhouse lead. In the next match Brian and Jeff took themselves out of contention with a mid-air. In the semi-final match Ken earned a one cut win over Rick Clark to take the contest lead. In the finals Neil and Glenn Simpson squared off. Good action in this one with Neil just getting past Glenn, with a one cut win. Neil earned just enough points, in the process, to take home the contest win. The final order of finish was Neil, Ken, Paul and Glenn.  Shaylene Vader took home the Spotsman “gold”.

The top four flyers used the following equipment:

Neil Simpson
Carbon Coyote, OS Max 32SX, GRW hard tank
Ken Hargreaves  
GRS Barracuda, OS Max 32SX, bladder
Paul Kubek  
GRS Barracuda, OS Max 32SX, bladder
Glenn Simpson
Carbon Coyote, OS Max 32SX, GRW hard tank
Thank You, from everyone, to Rick Clark, who secured permission to use the site and also cd’ed the event. Also, Thanks go out to all the guys who helped judge the matches, not just on this day, but all year long. 

Wompatuck Fall Fly-Off
8 contestants ( 6 from MA,  2 from NH )
16 matches - 2 mid-airs

(E) Neil Simpson/E. Brookfield, MA2370pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves/Worcester, MA2365pts
(A) Paul Kubek/Brockton, MA2040pts
(E) Glenn Simpson/Worcester, MA1840pts
(A) Brian Stas/Kingston, MA  1740pts
(A) Rick Clark/Hingham, MA  1740pts
(A) Jeff Vader/Franklin, NH    1525pts
(S) Shaylene Vader/Franklin, NH   1200pts

The trophy winners are Neil Simpson (1st),
Ken Hargreaves (2nd), Paul Kubek (3rd),
Glenn Simpson (4th) and
Shaylene Vader (1st sportsman)

The photos below are all courtesy
of Ken Hargreaves
Jeff Vader and Rick Clark
Jeff and Shaylene Vader
Glenn Simpson and Brian Stas
Paul Kubek and Ken Hargreaves
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Ken and Kirk Hargreaves
Glenn and Neil Simpson
Jeff Vader and Paul Kubek
Jeff Vader and Brian Stas
Rick Clark and Neil Simpson
Neil and Glenn Simpson