Fall Championships


AUGUST 30, 2015- HALIFAX, MA - This year’s Fall Championships attracted only four pilots so we once again made the contest day switch from our traditional Formula GX rules to Shootout rules this to simplify the judging process for the four guys who were able to attend. The weather was hot and sunny with temps near ninety degrees. 

Following three rounds of action Brian Stas was undefeated while Neil Simpson had one win and two losses. The rest of the field had been sent home. This left Neil with the task of trying to beat Brian three times to take home the gold in this triple elimination event. In the first match Brian flew Neil to a one cut apiece draw however in the second encounter Brian took home the win with a two cuts to one win. Both matches were well flown.

Thank You to the Wingbusters Model Airplane Club for allowing us, yet again, to use their fine facility. 

Fall Championships
Speed Limit Combat
4 Contestants (all from MA)
8 matches  

Brian Stas-Kingston, MA                   4-0
Neil Simpson-E.Brookfield, MA        1-3
Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA                0-3
Chris Sarnowski-Bedford, MA           0-3

Brian Stas was the Shootout Winner
Neil Simpson was First Runner-Up

photos below from Paul Kubek and Neil Simpson