Wingbuster Invitational


SEPTEMBER 16, 2011- HALIFAX, MA - eight contestants were on hand for this one. The weather was sunny and seasonably warm with a very light breeze. It was a great day for Formula GX combat.

In round one action  Ken Hargreaves was off to fast start with a 725 point win. Neil Simpson was within range posting a 620 point round one win. Ken and Neil faced off in round two with Neil getting an airtime win when Ken was plagued with engine problems. In the next match, after slow starts, both Brian Stas and Joe Fustolo emerged as contenders  flying to a one cut apiece draw. In round three Neil and Brian flew to a one cut apiece draw. Next, Joe got past Ken with a one cut win in a match where Ken suffered with a lean run in the early going.

Going into round four Neil had 1650 points, Brian had 1320 points with Joe in contention at 1230 points. In the semi final Brian put pressure on the other contenders with a two cuts to one win over Ken. In the final Joe and Neil faced off  with Joe taking  Neil’s entire streamer early. Neil tried unsuccessfully to get that cut back with several passes until he eventually failed miserably flying through Joe’s airplane. The final order of finish was Brian, Neil, Joe and Ken.

Thank You to the Wingbuster Model Airplane Club for allowing us to use their fine facility. As always, thank you to everyone who shared in the judging.

Wingbuster Invitational
Formula GX Combat
8 Contestants (all from MA)
16 matches – 5 mid airs

(E) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA2045pts
(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA  1850pts
(E) Joe Fustolo-Stoughton, MA    1530pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves-Worcester, MA     1325pts
(A) Rick Clark, Hingham, MA       1240pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA      1230pts
(E) Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA      1110pts
(A) Chris Sarnowski-Bedford, MA  800pts

The top three were Brian Stas (1st), Neil Simpson (2nd) and Joe Fustolo (3rd)