Wingbuster Invitational
for F2D Combat


SEPTEMBER 12, 2010-MIDDLEBORO, MA - Seven New England pilots were on hand for this one. The weather was mostly cloudy with a strong breeze and temperatures peaking in the high sixties. The Wingbuster Club Field in Middleboro, Massachusetts, was the location for what would be a great day of F2D Combat.

At the end of two rounds  Mark Rudner and Jeff Vader each had two wins, two pilots had been sent home while Brian Stas, Matt Stas and Greg Wornell each had a win and a loss. In round three Mark gave Matt his final loss while Jeff did likewise to Brian. Next Greg handed Jeff his first loss which was Greg’s third match and Jeff’s fourth. Next in a true round four  match-up Mark sent Greg packing, but not before a very exciting and well flown flight. In the finals Mark got past Jeff for the contest win.

Thank You to the Wingbuster Model Airplane Club for the use of their wonderful facility. Please know it’s very  appreciated. 

The Wingbuster Invitational
F2D Combat
7 contestants

Mark Rudner-Cambridge, MA5-0
Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH 3-2
Greg Wornell-Wellesley, MA 2-2
Brian Stas-Kingston, MA      1-2
Matt Stas-Kingston, MA       1-2
Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA    0-2
Neil Simpson-E.Brookfield, MA     0-2

The trophy winners were Mark Rudner (1st), Jeff Vader (2nd) and Greg Wornell (3rd)

Photos below compliments of Jeff Vader