Wingbuster Invitational
for F2D Combat


OCTOBER 26, 2008-MIDDLEBORO, MA-The temperatures were warm, a morning overcast turned into clear skies toward mid-day. It was a beautiful, seasonably warm late fall day in New England. The Wingbuster Club Field in Middleboro, Massachusetts, was the location for this, the final F2D event of the season.

At the end of two rounds Greg Wornell, Mark Rudner and Roy Glenn each had two wins, three pilots had been sent home while Paul Kubek  had a win and a loss. In round three, Mark gave Greg Wornell his first loss while Roy was giving Paul his final loss. Roy then drew Mark and Greg in succession. He gave Mark his first loss and then got past Greg to get into the finals against Mark. Mark had to win twice and he did just that, but not before Roy gave him two battle royals, where both pilots demonstrated why they deserved to be the last two standing.

Thank You to the Wingbuster Model Airplane Club for the use of their wonderful facility. Please know it’s deeply  appreciated. 

The Wingbuster Invitational
F2D Combat
7 contestants

Mark Rudner-Cambridge, MA5-1
Roy Glenn-Southampton, NJ5-2
Greg Wornell-Wellesley, MA2-2
Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA   1-2
Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH0-2 * won coin flip
Neil Simpson-E.Brookfield, MA    0-2
Brian Stas-Kingston, MA     0-2

The trophy winers were Mark Rudner (1st), Roy Glenn (2nd) and Greg Wornell (3rd)

Jeff Vader Photos