Wingbuster Fall Shootout
For F2D Combat


OCTOBER 24, 2004 - MIDDLEBORO, MA –  The temperatures were cool, the sky was cloud covered and the wind brisk, their was a definite feel to the air that suggested  winter was close. The Wingbuster club field was, as always, in great shape. Seven pilots were on hand and ready for some F2D Combat.

Ron Colombo, from Livonia, Michigan was in attendance for this one. After one round of action, it was clear, to all of us, that he and his fellow USA World Team member, Mark Rudner, were the class of the field. The rest of us would fight it out for the third and final trophy spot. As expected Ron and Mark slugged it out at the end, in two tremendous matches that were worth the price of admission. Both matches went virtually the full four minutes with multiple cuts scored by both pilots. When the dust settled Ron was first, Mark second and Brian Stas third. This was the fifth New England F2D meet of the season, and, has been the case with every successive meet, the New England pilots, who are all new to the event, are making good progress. Not every match was pretty, however, each featured several minutes of good clean action. The 2005 New England F2D season should be a good one !

Thank You to Paul Kubek, Rick Clark and everyone else who shared in the judging. Thank You to Rick Clark who cd’ed this contest and did a lot of good work , that helped to make it happen. Thank You to the Wingbuster Model Airplane Club for the use of their great facility. Thank You to Ron Colombo for making a very long trip to participate in this one. Ron, we enjoyed having you fly with us.

Wingbuster Fall Shootout
7 contestants ( 5 from MA  )( 1 from NH )
( 1 from MI )
F2D Combat
triple elimination

Ron Colombo-Livonia, MI7-0
Mark Rudner-Cambridge, MA 5-3
Brian Stas-Kingston, MA       3-3
Matt Stas-Kingston, MA2-3
Neil Simpson-E.Brookfield, MA     1-3
Ken Hargreaves-Worcester, MA    0-3
Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH  0-3

The top three were Ron Colombo (1st),
Mark Rudner (2nd) and Brian Stas (3rd).

All the photos this page courtesy
of Ken Hargreaves
Brian Stas and Ken Hargreaves
Brian Stas gets Matt in the air
Ken Hargreaves and
Brian Stas
Mark Rudner and Brian Stas
Neil Simpson and Matt Stas
Early Morning Pit Action
Ken Hargreaves and Neil Simpson
Mark Rudner and Ron Colombo
Ron launches Mark's machine
CBrian and Matt Stas
Neil Simpson and Rick Clark
Team Stas
Ron Colombo and Mark Rudner
Everyone ! !
Brian Stas and Mark Rudner