Summer Sizzler-F2D Combat

JUNE 21, 2014- HALIFAX, MA – The weather was perfect, low seventies and sunny with low humidity and a light breeze. The Wingbusters club field was manicured and very green. The control line portion of the field has been renamed in memory of George McGinnis, proprietor of Hanson Hobbies and founding member of the Wingbusters when it was control line club, a fitting tribute to a man who supported and loved u-control. Six contestants were on hand for the second contest of the 2014 New England F2D season.

At the end of two rounds two pilots had been sent home in this double elimination affair. Roy Glenn and Paul Kubek   had won both of their matches while Neil Simpson and Greg Wornell were sitting at one win and one loss. In round three Neil got past Paul with a two cut win while Roy was giving Greg his second loss in a battle that actually took two matches to decide as the first ended in a draw. This left only Roy, Paul and Neil in the hunt. Neil got a bye and Roy handed Paul his second loss. The final was a match-up between Roy and Neil with Neil having to win twice. Neil got a relatively clean win in the first match which was well flown and then got a rather ugly airtime win in the next match following a line tangle crash.

Wingbuster Summer Sizzler    F2D Combat (6 contestants)

Neil Simpson/E. Brookfield, MA    4-1
Roy Glenn/Southampton, NJ4-2
Paul Kubek/Brockton, MA     2-2
Greg Wornell/Wellesley, MA1-2
Brian Stas/Kingston, MA      0-2 
Chris Sarnowski/Bedford, MA      0-2  

The top three were Neil Simpson (1st), Roy Glenn (2nd and Paul Kubek (3rd)

photos courtesy of Brian Stas and Paul Kubek