Salmon River Shootout

AUGUST 26, 2012 – EAST HAMPTON, CT –  It was a perfect late summer New England day, not a cloud in the sky, gentle breeze, relatively low humidity and temperatures  topping out in the low eighties. The grounds at the Salmon River State Forest were manicured and green as eight Formula GX pilots took to the field for the annual running of the Salmon River Shootout.

The round one leaders were Jeff Vader and Neil Simpson each posting 725 point wins. Brian Stas was just off their pace with a 620 point round one win of his own. When Jeff and Neil faced off in round two a mid-air early in their match hurt their cumulative scores. In the next match Brian and Jake Vader flew to a one cut apiece draw giving Brian the contest lead, however, Jake who was flying steady, was in close pursuit. In round three, Paul Kubek, who was also flying steady, faced off against Brian Stas. Once again, an early match mid-air sent both pilots backwards in the pack. Meanwhile Jake and Jeff  were flying to a one cut apiece draw and  Neil was sneaking past Ken Hargreaves with a one cut win. Going into the final round Jake had 1525 points, Neil had 1445 points, Jeff had 1335 points and Brian was in contention with 1230 points.
There were two significant matches in the final round. In the semi final, Jeff and Brian flew to a one cut apiece draw in a well flown match. In the final Jake and Neil faced off. The first thirty seconds were tame and then a “battle royal” broke out with several minutes of twisting and turning. Jake got the first cut, Neil fought back with one on his own and then a second cut by Jake, in the final minute, gave him the match plus the contest win. The top five finishers were Jake, Jeff, Neil, Brian and Ken.  Jake took home the Sportsman “gold”, as well as first overall. To the casual observer Jakes win might have come as a surprise, however, to those have been paying attention this young man has been flying at a very high level for several contests now. Congrats Jake, a well earned victory.

Salmon River Shootout
Formula GX Combat
8 contestants (6 from MA) (2 from NH)
16 matches-5 mid-airs

(S) Jake Vader-Franklin, NH2250pts
(E) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH  1885pts
(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA 1845pts
(E) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA       1740pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves-Worcester, MA    1630pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA     1520pts
(A) Chris Sarnowski-Bedford, MA1210pts
(E) Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA      800pts

The top three were Jake Vader (1st), Jeff Vader (2nd) and Neil Simpson (3rd)
Jake won 1st Sportsman, as well

photos courtesy of Jeff Vader