Salmon River Shootout



AUGUST 27, 2006 – EAST HAMPTON, CT –  Nine New England combat pilots were on hand for this one.  The weather was just overcast to start, however by round two the rain came and stayed. By day’s end the Salmon River State Forest was rain soaked and so were all the participants.

Shaylene Vader jumped into the early lead with a two cut round one win. In round two, Jeff Vader posted his second consecutive good win to lead at the halfway point. Neil Simpson also had a good round two win and was running a close second to Jeff. Round three started with Neil and Jeff flying to a low scoring draw. Matt Stas then turned in his third good flight seizing the contest lead in the process. Going into the final round Matt had 1965 points, Jeff had 1860 points and Neil had 1645 points.

In the final round Glenn Simpson and Neil Simpson finished their day with good wins over Will Rogers and Shay Vader, respectively. In the final match Matt and Jeff flew to a low scoring draw allowing Neil to steal the contest win. Matt finished second, Jeff third and Glenn fourth. Shaylene was fifth overall taking home the Sportsman “gold” in the process.

Salmon River Shootout
Formula GX Combat
9 contestants (5 from MA) (2 from CT) (2 from NH)
18 matches (2 mid-airs )

(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA 2475pts
(A) Matt Stas-Kingston, MA2375pts
(A) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH  2270pts
(E) Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA     1835pts
(S) Shaylene Vader-Franklin, NH 1725pts
(A) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA       1630pts
(S) Vinnie Langella-Meriden, CT  1140pts
(E) Will Rogers-E.Hartford, CT    1010pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves-Worcester, MA     500pts

The trophy winners are Neil Simpson (1st), Matt Stas (2nd), Jeff Vader (3rd),
Glenn Simpson (4th) and Shay Vader ( 1st sportsman and fifth overall )
Photos Courtesy of Jeff Vader

Will Rogers and Glenn Simpson
Brian Stas and Vinnie Langella
Brian and Matt Stas
Neil and Glenn Simpson
Will Rogers and Ken Hargreaves
The judge's tent was one of the few dry places - Will Rogers, Shay Vader and Ken Hargreaves gather to judge a match