Salmon River Shootout


AUGUST 28, 2004 – EASTHAMPTON, CT – Good day for combat; partly sunny, a sprinkle or two of rain, warm with a moderate breeze. Nine New England combat pilots were on hand for this one. 

Will Rogers and Matt Stas jumped into the early lead with  round one scores of 830 and 725 points respectively.  In round two Will stayed hot earning a one cut win over Matt. In round two Neil Simpson and Brian Stas posted good  second round wins to move into the hunt.  At the halfway point it was Will with 1450 points, Neil with 1135, Brian with 1030 followed by Matt with 1025 points.

Round three saw  Will and Neil square off in a match that ended in a quick mid air. Brian stayed hot with an airtime win over Matt. Round three also saw Glenn Simpson and Jeff Vader move into contention both posting good wins. Going into the final round Will had 1650 points, Glenn and Brian had 1550 points while Jeff was close with 1530 points.

In the semi final match Brian and Jeff flew to a low scoring draw. In the final match Will and Glenn waged war each getting a cut followed by a kill with lots of action in between.  On this day Shaylene Vader took home the Sportsman “gold”.  Shaylene is really improving, every time out it seems.

Salmon River Shootout
Formula GX Combat
9 contestants (5 from MA) (2 from CT) (2 from NH)
18 matches (1 mid-air )

(E) Will Rogers-E.Hartford, CT       2160pts
(E) Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA2060pts
(A) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA 1960pts
(A) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH    1940pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves-Worcester, MA      1855pts
(A) Dana Lord-Colchester, CT1765pts
(A) Matt Stas-Kingston, MA  1525pts
(S) Shaylene Vader-Franklin, NH   1400pts
(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA   1335pts

Brian and Matt Stas
Neil and Glenn Simpson
Matt Stas and Dana Lord
The trophy winners are Will Rogers (1st), Glenn Simpson (2nd), Brian Stas (3rd), Jeff Vader (4th)
and Shaylene Vader (1st-sportsman)