Salmon River Shootout


AUGUST 29, 2004 – EASTHAMPTON, CT – The weather was hot and steamy, very little breeze with clear skies. Ten New England combat pilots, as well as Chuck Rudner, from California, were on hand for this one. 

Glenn Simpson and Will Rogers jumped into the early lead with  round one three cut wins. In round two Neil Simpson and Mark Rudner, also emerged as contenders, each posting their second successive good score. Chuck Rudner and Brian Stas were also within striking distance of the leaders. All the leaders slid back towards the field, when, in round three, Neil and Glenn, Will and Mark as well as Chuck and Brian all posted low scoring draws. Going into the final round  Neil had 1755 points, Glenn had 1745 points, Will had 1740 points and Mark had 1640 points. Jeff Vader was on their heels with 1540 points after posting a three cut win in the third round. Ken Hargreaves  and Chuck Rudner were just off that pace with cumulative scores in the 1400 point range.

In the final round Ken stayed hot with a one cut win over Brian Stas. Chuck Rudner then became the clubhouse leader with a three cut win over Jeff Vader. Mark Rudner quickly knocked him off that post with a two cut win over Glenn Simpson in the semi-finals. The final match was between Will Rogers and Neil Simpson. Neil got an airtime win over Will when the later had engine problems. The final order of finish was Mark (2365pts), Neil (2275pts), Chuck (2250pts) and Ken (2045pts). On this day Shaylene Vader took home the Sportsman division “gold’.

Thanks go out to Dana Lord who secured permission to use the Salmon River facility. Dana does a lot of good work getting the permits for the Salmon River and Colchester contests. Thank You Dana from all of us.

Salmon River Shootout
Formula GX Combat
11 contestants (7 from MA) (1 from CT) (2 from NH) (1 from CA)
22 matches (3 mid-airs)

(E) Mark Rudner-Cambridge, MA   2365pts
(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA   2275pts
(E) Chuck Rudner-Santa Ana, CA  2250pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves-Worcester, MA       2055pts
(E) Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA2045pts
(E) Will Rogers-E. Hartford, CT      1840pts
(A) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH            1840pts
(A) Rick Clark-Hingham, MA         1720pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA       1630pts
(A) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA         1420pts
(S) Shaylene Vader-Franklin, NH   1200pts

The trophy winners are Mark Rudner (1st),
Neil Simpson (2nd), Chuck Rudner (3rd),
Ken Hargreaves (4th) and
Shaylene Vader (1st Sportsman)
Wait a Minute, that may not be the real Chuck Rudner - since the real Chuck had to leave before the trophy presentation that's Will Rogers doing his best to hold up appearances
The real Chuck Rudner helps Brian Stas fire-up his machine - This photo and the photos below were taken by Jeff and Shaylene Vader