Salmon River Clash



JUNE 13, 2004  EAST HAMPTON, CT Twelve New England Formula GX combat flyers assembled in East Hampton, Connecticut, at the Salmon River State Forest, for the annual running of  "The Salmon River Clash".  Weather conditions were great with temps in the low seventies, sunny skies and low humidity.

Round one was low scoring with two of the six round one matches ending in mid-airs. In round two things settled down as Paul Kubek (1235pts), Glenn Simpson (1130pts) and Neil Simpson (1040pts) emerged as the leaders at the halfway mark. In the first match of round three Paul Kubek solidified his lead with a two cuts to one victory over Neil Simpson  In the next match Glenn Simpson stayed in the hunt flying Matt Stas to a one cut apiece draw. Going into round four Paul was the clear leader at 1960 points, Glenn had 1640 points while Neil Simpson, Rick Clark, Matt Stas, Ken Hargreaves and Dick Sherman were all within striking distance of the leaders. Early in round four Dick Sherman took the clubhouse lead with a three cut win over Shaylene Vader. In the next match Matt Stas and Ken Hargreaves took each other out of contention with a mid air, early in their match. Next, Neil Simpson edged out Glenn Simpson with a one cut win to grab a share of the lead. In the final match Paul Kubek, who was not to be denied, earned a one cut win over Rick Clark. When the score sheets were tabulated Paul was first, Neil and Dick were tied for second and Glenn was fourth. Neil and Dick flew off for second and third with Neil squeaking out the win. Shaylene Vader got the sportsman win in a close fought, day long battle with "Lil Sherm".

Thank You to Dana Lord, from all of us, for securing permission to use the Salmon River facility and to everyone who shared  in the judging.

Salmon River Clash - Formula GX Combat
12 Contestants (9 from MA) (1 from CT) (2 from NH)
24 Matches  4 mid-airs

(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA   2580pts
(E) Neil Simpson - E. Brookfield,MA 2060pts*
(E) Dick Sherman-Andover, MA        2060pts
(E) Glenn Simpson  - Worcester, MA       1940pts
(A) Rick Clark-Hingham, MA    1740pts
(A) Brian Stas - Kingston, MA  1645pts
(A) Matthew Stas - Kingston, MA     1430pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves-Worcester, MA  1420pts
(S) Shaylene Vader-Franklin, NH      1420pts
(S) "Lil Sherm"-Andover, MA     1310pts
(A) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH       1210pts
(S) Vinnie Langella-Meriden, CT  920pts

* won fly off

The trophy winners are Paul Kubek(1st), Neil Simpson (2nd), Dick Sherman (3rd), Glenn Simpson (4th) and
Shaylene Vader (1st-Sportsman)
Vinnie Langella and Rick Clark have
Vinnie's "Witch Doctor" ready to go
Vinnie's Stuff
Richard R. Sherman ( "Lil Sherm" )
Brian and Matt Stas have a "Stasserman" ready
Neil and Glenn Simpson prep a "Carbon Coyote"
Team Vader Photo
Ken Hargreaves and Rick Clark enjoy the day
Team Vader Photo
Shaylene and "Lil Sherm"
Team Vader Photo
Dick Sherman and Paul Kubek
Team Vader Photo
All twelve contestants from the 2004 Salmon River Clash
Ken Hargreaves Photo
Paul Kubek and Rick Clark
Ken Hargreaves Photo
Neil and Glenn Simpson
Ken Hargreaves Photo