Silver Lake Shootout


AUGUST 15, 2010- KINGSTON, MA - nine contestants were on hand for the second annual  Silver Lake Shootout. The weather was mostly sunny and warm with a light breeze. It was a great day for Formula GX combat and for New England’s first ever “One N Done”.

In round one action Joe Fustolo showed the way with a 725 point win. Matt Stas, Neil Simpson and Dick Sherman were just off  that pace all posting 620 point wins. Joe and Matt faced each other in round two and mid-aired before the halfway point. Neil and Dick were next with Dick earning a two cut victory. Meanwhile Brian Stas was posting his second good score to move solidly into contention. At the start of round three Dick and Brian followed by Joe and Neil all posted low scoring draws. Matt Stas posted a 620 point round three win to climb back into contention. Going into round four it was Dick (1855 pts) followed by Brian (1650pts), Matt (1440pts), Neil (1330pts), Joe (1235 pts) and Paul  Kubek (1020 pts). Joe and Paul started round four with a low scoring draw. In the semi-final Neil got past Brian with a one cut win. In the final Dick and Matt mid-aired just past the halfway mark. When the scores were tallied Dick had the win, however Brian and Neil were in a dead heat for second place with 1950 points apiece. In the fly off that followed they were tied a cut apiece when a fuel problem cost Brian the match. The final order of finish was Dick, Neil, Brian, Joe and Matt. Young Richard Sherman took home the Sportsman “gold”.

Next came the first ever “One N Done” single elimination speed limit event ever held in New England. Six participants in this one with no one too sure what to expect. Match one saw Jeff Vader and Glenn Simpson each get eliminated when relatively light mid air contact caused both their engines to quit. In “One N Done” if you land or crash before the end of the match you are eliminated. Next Brian and Matt Stas faced off, however, fuel problems, again, caused Brian to land part way in and he was eliminated. Next it was Paul Kubek and Neil Simpson. There was spirited action for a while and then the ground came up on Paul and he was eliminated. The last two standing were Matt and Neil. The final match was very exciting, lots of twisting and  turning and, then, the ground came up on Matt, as well. Very interesting event, it certainly played out, at least this time, as something very unique.

Thank You to Brian Stas, who secured the site and thank you to everyone who shared in the judging.

Silver Lake Shootout
Formula GX Combat
9 Contestants (8 from MA) (1 from NH)
18 matches – two mid airs

(E) Dick Sherman, Andover, MA 2055pts
(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA1950pts  *won fly off
(E) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA      1950pts  *lost fly off
(E) Joe Fustolo-Stoughton, MA  1645pts
(A) Matt Stas-Kingston, MA       1640pts
(E) Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA    1520pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA    1430pts
(E) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH         1420pts
(S) Richard Sherman, Andover MA     1320pts

“One N Done”
Single Elimination Speed Limit Combat
6 contestants (5 from MA) (1 from NH)

Neil Simpson  2-0
Matt Stas       1-1
Paul Kubek     0-1
Brian Stas     0-1
Jeff Vader       0-1
Glenn Simpson       0-1

The GX Trophy winners were Dick Sherman (1st), Neil Simpson (2nd), Brian Stas (3rd)
and Richard Sherman (1st Sportsman)
The "One N Done" winner was Neil Simpson
photos below compliments of Jeff Vader