Ron Connors Memorial


JULY 20, 2008-WRENTHAM, MA-This weekend marked the annual running of “Ron Connors Memorial  Stunt Trials”. This year the New England Stunt Team, again, invited the New England Combat Association to run a combat contest as part of their fine event. A Formula GX event was scheduled and eleven combat pilots were on hand to accept their generous invitation.

Round one saw Dick Sherman get off to a fast start with a 725 point win. Chris Sarnowski, Neil Simpson and Matt Stas were just off Dick’s pace all with 620 point wins. Dick and Chris faced each other in Round two and the match ended in a 410 point draw. Next was a match between Neil and Matt with Neil earning a two cut win to post the contest lead at the halfway point. Dick and Neil faced each other in round three in a match that ended in a 510 point draw. Matt Stas posted a 620 point win in round three to stay in the hunt. Chris Sarnowski and Joe Fustolo were flying steady and were within striking distance. Going into round four it was Neil (1855pts), Dick (1645pts), Matt (1440pts), Chris (1340pts) and Joe (1335pts). In the semi final match Matt earned a two cut to one win over Dick in a very exciting match. The final was between Neil and Chris. Neil ended up with an airtime win when the ground came up on Chris. The final order of finish was Neil, Matt, Dick and Jeff Vader who stormed through the pack after a very rough start in the early rounds. Chris Sarnowski got past  Richard Sherman to take home the sportsman “gold”. Chris was near the front of the pack for most of the contest.

Thank you, as always, to all the people who shared the judging responsibilities, to Rick Clark for all his great work and a special thank you to the New England Stunt Team for asking us to be part of their contest.

Ron Connors Memorial Stunt Trials
Formula GX Combat
Eleven Contestants ( 9 from MA )( 1 from NH ) (1 from NJ)
22 matches (4 mid-airs)

(E) Neil Simpson-E.Brookfield, MA2375pts
(A) Matt Stas-Kingston, MA  2165pts
(E) Dick Sherman-Andover, MA    2045pts
(A) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH   1750pts
(A) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA1635pts
(E) Joe Fustolo-Stoughton, MA    1535pts
(E) Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA      1520pts
(S) Chris Sarnowski-Brookline, MA      1440pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA      1310pts
(E) Roy Glenn-Southampton, NJ  1200pts
(S) Lil Sherm-Andover, MA   1200pts

The trophy winners are Neil Simpson (1st), Matt Stas (2nd), Dick Sherman (3rd)
and Chris Sarnowski (1st Sportsman)
The photos below are from Jeff Vader. Unfortunately Jeff is behind the camera and we don't get photos of him or his fine equipment. Check out the Mid-air shots below ( Great Stuff ) but first Jeff visits the stunt circle to get photos of Dick Carville's Mustang . . . beautiful.