The current Formula GX rules can be downloaded, printed or viewed ( pdf. document )

A Construction article and a drawing for the "Carbon Coyote" speed limit combat design can be downloaded in Adobe.PDF format by left-clicking on the icon to the left. Adobe Acrobat reader is required to read this file. This is the sister ship to Jim Carpenter's "Yankee Nipper" and except for the airfoil and the stabilator shape it is his airplane.
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Yea Olde Record Book
Left-click on the icon to the left to view contest results from every Formula GX meet held in New England starting with the 1989 season.
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A Mixed Bag of Assorted Files & Downloads
Info and History - Maywald Products "AllenPlane"
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A pdf. file of Jim Carpenter's "Yankee Nipper" can be downloaded, printed or viewed