The North County Shootout

OCTOBER 12, 2008 – LEOMINSTER, MA – Fifteen contestants were on hand to participate in this annual event. The weather conditions were clear and warm, but not hot, with a gentle breeze. Add in the fact that the fall foliage was at or near peak and you definitely had the perfect New England day.

At the end of round one,Roy Glenn had the early lead posting a 725 point, two cut win. Neil Simpson and Brian Stas were close with one cut round one wins of their own. In round two Roy and Brian faced off against each other flying to a two cut apiece draw. In the next match Neil earned a one cut win over Chris Sarnowski. Meanwhile Phil Cartier, Lloyd Seymour and Jeff Vader pulled into contention with good round two wins of their own. Round three started with a match between Phil and Roy with Roy getting the win two cut to one in a well flown affair. Next, Neil got past Lloyd with a one cut win in another well flown match.  Going into round four Roy had 2065 points, Neil had 1860 points, Brian had 1755 points, Jeff had 1750 points, Phil had 1740 points with Lloyd, Chris Sarnowski and Joe Fustolo all within range of the leaders. It would come down to the final four matches. In the first of these matches Lloyd and Joe flew to a low scoring draw. Next, Chris got past Phil two cuts to one in a very exciting match. In the semi final Jeff and Brian Stas waged war with Jeff leading two cuts to one when a mid air ended things with only a few seconds left. In the final Roy and Neil also had a exciting non-stop match that was well flown and ended in a one cut apiece draw. When it all sorted out the final order of finish was Roy (2575pts), Neil (2370pts), Jeff (2255pts), Phil (2190pts), Chris (2170pts), Brian (2155pts) and Lloyd (1950pts). On this day Chris Sarnowski took home the Sportsman “gold” getting past Aaron Seymour, Richard Sherman and Jake Vader who all flew very well.

Thanks go out to Lloyd Seymour who promoted and CD’ed this annual event. Also a special Thank You to Lloyd’s wife, Cheryl, who invited us back to her house, at day’s end, for food and drink. She also sent everyone home with a homemade apple crisp. Thank You Cheryl, you treat us way too well.

The North County Shootout
Formula GX Combat
15 contestants (11 from MA) (2 from NH) (1 from PA) (1 from NJ)
29 matches -5 mid airs

(E) Roy Glenn-Southampton, NJ 2575pts
(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA2370pts
(A) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH 2255pts
(E) Phil Cartier-Hummelstown, PA     2190pts
(S) Chris Sarnowski-Brookline, MA    2170pts
(A) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA     2155pts
(E) Lloyd Seymour-Leominster, MA   1950pts
(S) Aaron Seymour-Leominster, MA  1830pts
(E) Joe Fustolo-Stoughton, MA 1755pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA   1330pts
(S) Richard Sherman-Andover, MA    1310pts
(S) JakeVader-Franklin, NH       1200pts
(A) Brian Seymour-Leominster, MA     900pts
(E) Dick Sherman-Andover, MA   725pts*
(E) Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA     700pts

* withdrew after two rounds

The trophy winners were Roy Glenn (1st), Neil Simpson (2nd), Jeff Vader (3rd)
and Chris Sarnowski (1st Sportsman)

These first three photos below are from the camera of Jonathan Parizo
the photos below courtesy of Jeff Vader