The North County Shootout

OCTOBER 8, 2006 – LEOMINSTER, MA – Nine contestants were on hand to participate in this annual event. The weather conditions were great, sunny and seasonably warm. This was a great October day, a great day for combat.

At the end of round one, Lloyd Seymour, Brian Stas and Neil Simpson had the lead each posting  830 point, three cut wins. Jeff Vader was just off that pace posting a 725 point win of his own. In the first two matches of round two Lloyd Seymour and Brian Stas followed by Neil Simpson and Jeff Vader flew to one cut apiece draws. The next match saw Brian Seymour edge out Shay Vader two cuts to one. Going into round three it was still anyone’s contest. In the first match Neil got an airtime win over Lloyd. In the next match, the best of the day, Brian Stas and Jeff Vader had a full five minute war that ended in a two cut apiece draw. Going into round four Brian Stas had 1955 points followed by Brian Seymour with 1865 points, Neil with 1860 points, Jeff with 1850 points, Dick Sherman with 1665 points and Lloyd had 1540 points.  Early in round four Jeff and Lloyd mid-aired hurting both their chances. In the semi-final match Neil and Dick had an action filled battle that ended in a one cut apiece draw. The final match between Brian Stas and Brian Seymour saw Brian Stas get an early cut, however a missed airtime caused this match to also end in a draw. The final order of finish was Neil (2370pts), Brian Stas (2365pts), Brian Seymour (2275pts), Dick (2175pts) and Jeff at 2150 points. The sportsman division winner was Shay Vader who prevailed in a closely contested day long battle with Richard Sherman and Aaron Seymour.

Thanks go out to Lloyd Seymour who promoted and CD’ed this annual event. Also a special Thank You to Lloyd’s wife, Cheryl, who invited us back to her house, at day’s end, for food and drink. Thank You Cheryl, you treat us way too well.

The North County Shootout
Formula GX Combat
9 contestants (7 from MA)(2 from NH)
18 matches – 1 mid air

(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA       2370pts
(A) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA     2365pts
(A) Brian Seymour-Leominster, MA   2275pts
(E) Dick Sherman-Andover, MA 2175pts
(A) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH2150pts
(E) Lloyd Seymour-Leominster, MA  1840pts
(S) Shay Vader-Franklin, NH    1730pts
(S) Richard “Lil Sherm” Sherman      1520pts
(S) Aaron Seymour-Leominster, MA 1200pts

The trophy winners were Neil Simpson (1st), Brian Stas (2nd),
Brian Seymour (3rd), Dick Sherman (4th) and Shay Vader ( 1st-sportsman )
Lloyd and Aaron Seymour
Lloyd's machine up close
Brian Stas is ready to fire-up Shay Vader's pretty airplane
Brian Stas and Jeff Vader have Brian's airplane ready for a match
the following photos courtesy of Jeff Vader