Middlesex County Invitational


MAY 24, 2008 – BILLERICA, MA – This contest came about because of the willingness of the Middlesex County RC Flyers to share their flying site at Vietnam Veterans Park in Billerica, Massachusetts. Due to their generosity it was time to get the New England F2D season off to a good start. Eight pilots were on hand and ready for action.

Rounds I and II were somewhat uneventful with the majority of the field looking quite competitive. Three pilots; Mark Rudner, Jeff Vader and Greg Wornell were undefeated while three others had been eliminated. Still in contention, as well, were Roy Glenn and Ken Hargreaves both sitting with one win and one loss apiece. In Round three things started to get interesting. Mark handed Greg his first loss in a full four minutes of twisting and turning both pilots looking very sharp. Round three also saw Roy Glenn, who had made the long trip from Southampton, NJ, hand Jeff Vader his first loss. Next Ken Hargreaves matched up against Mark Rudner. It was Ken’s third match, Marks fourth. This one was a hard fought, action filled match with Ken emerging victorious. Later in round four Ken eliminated Jeff while Greg did likewise to Roy. Round five would be the final round as Mark, Greg and Ken were the only pilots left, all with one defeat. Ken got the bye. As a result, Mark and Greg squared off in yet another full four minute war. When the dust settled Mark had squeaked out the win. In the final match, Ken and Mark had a good battle going, both flying well early on. Mark was leading three cuts to one when a line tangle crash sent both pilots down with neither able to get back up before the end of the match. Fourth place was settled with a fly-off for that position between Jeff and Roy with Jeff sneaking out the win in that one. 

A special thank you to Greg Wornell, who was the interface between our group and the Middlesex County RC Flyers. Greg explored a great many other possibilities, as well, before bringing this one to fruition.

Middlesex County Invitational-F2D Combat
8 contestants

1. Mark Rudner, Cambridge, MA5 wins / 1 loss
2. Ken Hargreaves, Worcester, MA   3 wins / 2 losses
3. Greg Wornell, Wellesley, MA3 wins / 2 losses
4. Jeff Vader, Franklin, NH2 wins / 2 losses  * won fly-off for fourth
5. Roy Glenn, Southhampton, NJ     2 wins / 2 losses
6. Paul Kubek, Brockton, MA   0 wins / 2 losses
7  Brian Stas, Kingston, MA     0 wins / 2 losses
8. Neil Simpson, E Brookfield, MA    0 wins / 2 losses

The trophy winners were
Mark Rudner (1st), Ken Hargreaves (2nd) and Greg Wornell (3rd)