Late Winter Projects
send us photos of what your working on and  I'll add it to the collection

Shaylene Vader with her latest GX machine
This is a roll-over image
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one of Shay's other interests
Brian also sent us photos of some of his other winter projects
This one is his re-kitted pit box
Brian's rebuilt shop inspired by photos of Jeff Vader's and Ken Hargreave's workshops
Brian Stas has a new ship for 2005
Named "The Edge" she has a finished weight of 20.5 ounces - 49" span
Baracuda elevator and bladder compartment
475 squares

Line Tying at Ken Hargreave's Home
Isn't this how everybody does it ?
The following four photos show details of the jig used to construct the lead edge on the new Brian Stas machine named
"The Edge"
scroll down for photos of the airplane
The pretty airplane is Ken Hargreave's latest GX entry - The pretty girl is Shannon Hargreaves, youngest daughter of Kirk Hargreaves. Like all the "Hargreaves" she is an accomplished control line pilot - she might even try her hand at Formula GX
Ken Haegreaves with his latest GX Machine