1st Igor Dementiev-visit from Moldava (current European Champ)
2nd Mark Rudner
3rd Mike Willcox
4th Andy Mears

37 Pilots. Full double.
Very smooth contest.
Our RC club hosted this contest. Very pleasant. Nice covered pavalion with work benches.
Both days club kitchen was a big plus with burgers, dogs, bake beans and potato salad.
I had great help with judges: Chris Hess, Neal Rose, and Allan Green. Muffy Rudner (Chuck's wife and Mark's Mom) and my son Michael's future better half, Marina, did all the match posting and behind scenes work/
I did the "forestry tape" streamers with enhanced tab (5" piece folded back three times to make approx 1" tab) and this wrapped with strapping tape which had opposing 45 degree angles to help with stress failures as pictured in rule book.
Only one DQ for shutoff failure. The new rule of CM doing a grounding of both pilots when in a line tangle is a disaster.
Did a 5 column 40 person matrix which was "massaged" a few time to make a better contest.
My RC club members I think enjoyed this "new" aspect of the hobby.

Houston F2D - May 1st and 2nd
Our man, Mister Mark Rudner, had a very impressive finish

Mark beat the  reigning f2d world champion
(and only lost by a hair to the current  European f2d champion),
both of whom came from Moldova in Eastern  Europe to compete. 
There were 37 contestants, including most of the 
US and Canadian teams for the upcoming world championships.   
Lots of  great matches.

Report below from Pat Wilcox
The trophy winners were Igor Dementiev (1st), Mark Rudner (2nd) and Mike Wilcox (3rd)
The photos below are from the final match
Houston F2D Combat-May1&2, 2010; 36 Pilots; Full Double Elimination

Blackwell, Steve-10248919th-tie
Cleveland, George-342115th-tie
Culachkin, Stas-Moldava9th tie
Delgado, Arnie-Mex1004D27th-tie
Dementiev, Igor-Moldava1st
DeVeuve, Allen-12584813th-tie
Edwards, Dave-9734427th-tie
Ellison, Derek-69309019th-tie
Ellison, Josh-69308819th-tie
Haury, Lester-1790619th-tie
Hebestreit, Kevin-85956727th-tie
Johnson, Jeff-1574013th-tie
Lopez, Richard-L-0727th-tie
LaPoint, Brad-MAAC-527th-tie
Lovgren, Dave-MAAC-117619th tie
MacKenzie, Pat-MAAC-8177L9th tie
Mears, Andy-5004784th
Mears, Bobby-4788113th-tie
Melnikov, Yaoslav-MAAC-8052013th-tie
Minor, Carey-6381519th-tie
Nadein, Andrey-56752527th-tie
Owen, David-9673013th-tie
Plunkett, Pete-3870419th-tie
Prokofiev, Alex-87970527th-tie
Quezada, Arial-Mex-6003D27th-tie
Quezada, Fred-Mex-6002D27th-tie
Rennick, Alex-86584827th-tie
Rudner, Chuck-187465th-tie
Rudner, Mark-3168802nd
Siegler, Tom-7312419th tie
Silva, Leonardo-7951213th-tie
Stubblefield, Richard-1764819th-tie
Voytenkov, Alexseyi-9227535th-tie
Willcox, Michael-332643rd
Williams, Howard-22661619th-tie
Wornell, Greg-795125th-tie

Pat Willcox-CD (part time relief other capacities)
CM-Chris Hess
Judges-Neal Rose, Allan Green, Mike Moreland
Admin: Muffy Rudner , Marina