Horizon Air Meet 2012


SEPTEMBER 8, 2012 – SANFORD, ME – The Horizon Air Meet was a four day extravaganza that featured radio control airplanes, of all types, with an emphasis on RC jets. There was also RC helicopters, off-road RC car racing, control line flying, night flying and last, but not least, a noontime air show, on Saturday and Sunday, featuring world class aerobatic champion Matt Chapman. The New England Combat Association was privileged to receive an invitation to run a control line combat contest as part of Saturday’s schedule. Participation in this event, which attracted thousands of people, exposed what we do to a wide cross section of people, who already have an interest in aviation. If that exposure ultimately results in even one new addition to our ranks, this contest will go down as a rousing success.

On this day a strong morning breeze turned into a tree swapping afternoon wind. Every third round match was greatly affected by this wind and in over half of those matches the wind actually blew airplanes out of the sky. As a result, the fourth round was canceled, by consensus opinion of the participants.

The wind served as an additional opponent, even in the morning matches. Following the first round Glenn Simpson and Brian Stas were leading the field with 620 and 520 point wins, scores that are respectable, but usually not substantial enough to lead the field. Jeff Vader and Joe Fustolo, who had flown to a one cut apiece round one draw were in close pursuit. In round two Glenn and Brian faced off. An early match mid-air hurt their cumulative scores. In the same round, Jeff  got an airtime win, posting his second good score in the process, while both Chris Sarnowski and Neil Simpson, after slow starts, emerged as contenders posting 725 and 620 point wins respectively. Going into third, and what would prove to be the final round, Jeff had 1030 points, Chris had 925 points and Joe had 910 points. Neil and Glenn, with 820 points, were also within range of the leader. Round three started with Jeff and Chris flying to 310 point draw in a match that was certainly affected by the wind. In the next match Neil managed a two cut win in a wild wind-blown battle with Joe Fustolo. The remaining round three matches were all greatly influenced by the wind and this resulted in the consensus opinion that round four needed to be canceled. The top three, on this day, were Neil, Jeff and Chris. Jake Vader took home the Sportsman “gold”.

Thank you to Horizon Hobby, Ray and Robin’s Hobby Center and Brodak Manufacturing. There support and financial considerations allowed for our participation in this event. Thank you to Ara Dedekian who was the point man, not only for our event, but for the control line activity that spanned all four days of the air show. Thank you to Sandy Schmidt who, along with Ara, co-cd'ed the control line venue. Thank you, as well, to Rick Clark who helped Ara and Sandy with their efforts and also helped with both pitting and judging during the combat event. To everyone on the organizational side please know that our group is very grateful to have been part of the show.

Horizon Air Meet 2012
Formula GX Combat
10 contestants ( 7 from MA ) ( 2 from NH ) ( 1 from ME )
15  matches ( 4 mid-airs )

Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA1545pts
Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH        1340pts
Chris Sarnowski-Bedford, MA      1235pts
Joe Fustolo-Stoughton, MA  1210pts
Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA    1020pts
Glenn Simpson-Worcester, MA     920pts
Matt Stas-Kingston, MA       820pts
Jake Vader-Franklin, NH       820pts
Brian Stas-Kingston, MA      720pts
Ara Dedekian-Yarmouth, ME       400pts

The top finishers were Neil Simpson (1st), Jeff Vader (2nd),
Chris Sarnowski (3rd) and Jake Vader (1st Sportsman)
The entire group of entries - thank you for your participation
photos below coutesy of Jeff Vader