GX Shootout

May 4, 2014 - WRENTHAM, MA - This was stop number one on the 2014 GX season schedule. Six contestants were on hand for this event hosted and cd’ed by Chris Sarnowski. Weather conditions were seasonably cool,  partly sunny and very windy. Gusts that were topping out at 40mph added a another degree of difficulty to this opening day event, an event that even without the strong winds, usually finds the competitors exhibiting a certain degree of winter rust.

Round one was tranquil enough with four of the six pilots posting reasonably good scores. At the halfway point  three pilots; Neil Simpson, Brian Stas and Paul Kubek still had reasonably good cumulative scores. In round three Neil and Brian faced off in a match that ended in an early mid-air.That combined with some other ugly matches made it seem that the winning score, on this day, was not going to be very impressive. Round three did see Chris Sarnowski jump into contention with a good win in a match with Rick Clark. In the final round, when Brian suffered a second mid-air, it became clear that the final match between Neil and Chris would determine the contest winner as, at that point, their cumulative scores were almost identical. There was good action early and then the ground came up on Chris. Neil won the match on airtime and took home the contest win in the process.

Thank You to everyone who shared in the judging and thank you to Chris Sarnowski for a yet another good contest.

GX Shootout - Formula GX Combat
6 contestants (all from MA)
12 Matches-3 mid-airs

(E) Neil Simpson -  E. Brookfield, MA    1760pts
(A) Chris Sarnowski - Bedford, MA1330pts
(E) Brian Stas - Kingston, MA1120pts
(A) Paul Kubek - Brockton, MA      825pts
(E)Joe Fustolo - Stoughton, MA    710pts
(A)Rick Clark - Hingham, MA         700pts

The trophy winners were Neil Simpson (1st), Chris Sarnowski (2nd) and Brian Stas (3rd)

Photos courtesy of Paul Kubek and Brian Stas