107th R/C Flyers GX Icebreaker


April 29, 2012 - SAUGUS, MA - It was sunny, windy and seasonably cool for this year’s running of  the 107th R/C Flyer's Club GX Icebreaker, the 2012 New England combat season opener. There were six pilots in attendance ready to kick off the new season.

On this day the strong wind was an additional opponent and it combined with, perhaps some winter rust, served to hold down everyone’s point totals all day long. This was certainly evident following the first round when Ken Hargreaves and Neil Simpson found themselves atop the leader board each posting 520 point wins, a point total that is respectable, but usually not substantial enough to lead the field. Chris Sarnowski and Brian Stas who flew to a 410 point round one draw were in close pursuit. In round two Neil got passed Ken with a one cut win, however, a line tangle crash late in the match cost both pilots some airtime points. In the next match Joe Fustolo and Chris flew to a one cut apiece draw. At the halfway point Neil had the lead followed very closely by Brian and Chris. Ken and Joe were certainly within striking distance, as well. In the first match of round three Brian got an airtime win over Neil, Neil crashing very early in the match. In the next match Chris and Ken flew to a one cut apiece draw. The final round three match saw Joe climb into contention with a two cut win over Paul Kubek. Going into the final round it was a virtual three way tie between Brian, Joe and Chris all with cumulative scores exceeding 1400 points. Ken was very close with 1330 points and Neil, a distant fifth, with 1140 points. Round four started with Ken and Paul flying to one cut apiece draw. In the semi-final Neil got a two cut win over Chris. In the final Brian and Joe faced off. Brian got a cut early followed, in short order, by a mid-air which hurt their cumulative scores and knocked both pilots out of contention. The top three, on this day, were Neil, Ken and Chris.

Thanks to 107th R/C Flyer's Club for the use of their facilities. Thank you to Chris Sarnowski for cd’ing the contest and for greeting us, on this cool morning, with coffee and doughnuts .

107th R/C Flyers GX Icebreaker
Formula GX Combat
6 contestants ( all from MA )
12  matches ( 1 mid-air )

Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA1865pts
Ken Hargreaves-Worcester, MA   1840pts
Chris Sarnowski-Bedford, MA      1730pts
Brian Stas-Kingston, MA     1650pts
Joe Fustolo-Stoughton, MA 1535pts
Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA   1110pts

The top three were (LtoR) Neil Simpson (1st), Ken Hargreaves (2nd) and Chris Sarnowski (3rd)