Granite State Invitational


May 6, 2012 – FRANKLIN, NH – Eight contestants were on hand for this event hosted and cd’ed by Jeff Vader. Jeff, as always, had coffee and doughnuts waiting for everyone as we arrived. Weather conditions were seasonably warm and  sunny with a light breeze. A great day for combat.

Round one saw Jeff Vader take the early lead both posting an 830 point win. In round two he squared off against Neil Simpson who had posted a 725 point round one win. Jeff got past Neil two cuts to one in a very well flown match. At the halfway point Jeff had the clear lead followed by Neil. Chris Sarnowski, who was flying steady and  had put together two good scores, was just behind Neil. In round three Jeff squared off against Brian Stas in a match that ended in a mid-air. In the next match Neil and Chris flew to a one cut apiece draw. All this served to tighten the field.

Going into the final round it was Jeff with 1755 points,  Neil with 1635 points followed by Chris at 1530 points. The final three matches would impact the outcome. In the first of these Chris got a one cut win over Paul Kubek to put pressure on Jeff and Neil. In the semi-final Brian Stas got past Neil two cuts to one in an action filled match. In the final Jeff and Jake Vader flew to a one cut apiece draw. When it all sorted out Jeff  had the contest win followed by Chris, Neil, Brian and Jake. Jake Vader, in a day long battle with Richard Sherman, took home the Sportsman win.

Thank You to everyone who shared  in the judging and thank you to Jeff Vader for a yet another good contest.

Granite State Invitational - Formula GX Combat
8 Contestants (6 from MA) (2 from NH)
16 Matches-3 mid-airs

(E) Jeff Vader - Franklin, NH    2265pts
(A) Chris Sarnowski - Bedford, MA  2150pts
(E) Neil Simpson - E.Brookfield, MA2035pts
(E) Brian Stas - Kingston, MA 1745pts
(S) Jake Vader - Franklin, NH 1630pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves - Worcester, MA      1430pts
(A) Paul Kubek- Brockton, MA       1120pts
(S) Richard Sherman - Andover,  MA      1110pts

The trophy winners were Jeff Vader ( 1st ), Chris Sarnowski ( 2nd ), Neil Simpson ( 3rd )
and Jake Vader ( 1st Sportsman )

Photos compliments of Jeff Vader