Granite State Invitational


May 17, 2009 – FRANKLIN, NH – The Granite State Invitational is the first of  two contests scheduled to be held in Franklin, New Hampshire this season. Seven contestants were on hand for this event hosted and cd’ed by Jeff Vader. Jeff, as he always does, had coffee and doughnuts waiting for everyone as we arrived.   Weather conditions were mostly cloudy and breezy, but , most importantly, dry.  All and all not a bad day for combat.

Round one saw Neil Simpson post the early lead with a one cut win over Jeff Vader. This set up a second round match between Neil and Rick Clark who had also posted a round one one-cut victory, his over Paul Kubek. They flew to a 410 point draw. Meanwhile Chris Sarnowski posted his second good score of the contest to take over the lead at the halfway point. In round three Neil got past Chris with an airtime win.
Round three also saw Glenn Simpson climb into the hunt with a two cut win. Going into the final round Neil had 1550 points, Glenn had 1435 points and Chris had 1330 points. In the semi-final match Chris earned a one cut win over Rick, taking the clubhouse lead in the process. The final match was a family affair with Neil and Glenn flying to a 410 point draw. When it all sorted out Neil had the win followed by Chris in second and Glenn in third.

Jake Vader, on this day, took home the sportsman “gold”.
Thank You to everyone who shared  in the judging and Thank You to Jeff Vader for a yet another good contest.

Granite State Invitational - Formula GX Combat
7 Contestants (5 from MA) (2 from NH)
14 Matches-2 mid-airs

(E) Neil Simpson - E.Brookfield,MA   1960pts
(A) Chris Sarnowski – Brookline, MA 1950pts
(E) Glenn Simpson  - Worcester, MA 1845pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA    1345pts
(A) Rick Clark-Hingham, MA      1330pts
(E) Jeff Vader - Franklin, NH      1225pts
(S) Jake Vader - Franklin, NH    1100pts

The trophy winners are Neil Simpson(1st), Chris Sarnowski(2nd), Glenn Simpson (3rd)
and Jake Vader (1st Sportsman)

Photos courtesy of Jeff Vader