Granite State Championships



JULY 30, 2006 – FRANKLIN, NH – The Granite State Championships drew eight competitors. The event was hosted and cd’ed by Jeff Vader.  Jeff had coffee and doughnuts waiting for everyone as we arrived.  Weather conditions were warm, not hot, with a nice breeze.

Round one saw Glenn Simpson get off to fast start with an 830 point win.. By the half way point , however, the field tightened  as Neil Simpson posted his second good score as did  Jeff Vader and Ken Hargreaves.  In round three Neil stayed hot with a two cut win over Jeff Vader. In the next match Ken Hargreaves got past Glenn Simpson with a one cut win. Going into the final round it was Neil (2175pts), Ken(1855pts), Dick Sherman(1550pts), Jeff(1540pts) and Glenn (1530pts) In the semi-final match Jeff Vader got a two cut win over Dick Sherman. In the final match Neil earned a two cut win over Ken Hargreaves in a full five minute war, that was the best match of the contest. The final order of finish was Neil, Jeff, Ken and Glenn.

Shaylene Vader got the sportsman win in a closely contested battle with Richard “Lil Sherm” Sherman. Shay also had enough points to finish in fifth place. These young people have really become accomplished pilots.
Thank You to everyone who shared  in the judging and Thank You to the Vaders for a good contest and a great day.

Granite State Championships - Formula GX Combat
8 Contestants (6 from MA) (2 from NH)
16 Matches-2 mid-airs

(E) Neil Simpson - E.Brookfield,MA2900pts
(A) Jeff Vader - Franklin, NH   2165pts
(A) Ken Hargreaves - Worcester, MA     2155pts
(E) Glenn Simpson  - Worcester, MA    1935pts
(S) Shaylene Vader - Franklin, NH 1830pts
(E) Dick Sherman - Andover, MA   1750pts
(A) Brian Stas - Kingston, MA       1630pts
(S) “Lil Sherm”- Andover, MA 1300pts

Ken Hargreaves and Brian Stas
doing what I'm not sure
Dick Sherman and Brian Stas enjoy the day
The trophy winners were Neil Simpson ( 1st ), Jeff Vader ( 2nd ), Ken Hargreaves ( 3rd ),    
Glenn Simpson ( 4th ), Shay Vader ( 5th and 1st sportsman )
Dick Sherman and "Lil Sherm"
Lil Sherm with his Grandfather, along with Dick that's three generations of Richard Shermans
all talented model airplane builders and pilots
Jeff Vader's pretty stunter - paint by Dick Sherman
Ken Hargreaves
Neil and Glenn Simpson
"Lil Sherm" and Shay
Sure beats working
Glenn and Neil do a little judging
Shay's airplane