Eastern Mass Invitational



JUNE 12 & 13, 2010– KINGSTON, MA – This year’s Eastern Mass Invitational featured both Formula GX and F2D Combat. The weather was overcast with a light breeze and a threat of  rain that came to fruition towards day’s end both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the final round of GX was wet and on Sunday Mother Nature waited until the trophy ceremony. The field, at Silver Lake Regional High School is, in a word, beautiful.  It was  manicured, green like a rich man’s  lawn and it's huge and flat. This was a two-day event, first up was Formula GX combat.

Following round one action Brian Stas was setting the pace with a 725 point win. In round two Brian and Dick Sherman faced off against each other . A mid air about two thirds of way in hurt both their cumulative scores. Meanwhile Neil Simpson and young Richard Sherman were putting in their second good scores of the contest and at the halfway point they were running one and two. In round three they faced off with Neil earning the win in a well flown match. Next Brian Stas  jumped back into contention with a two cut win over Chris Sarnowski. The final round three match was a war with Joe Fustolo and Paul Kubek twisting and turning to a three cut apiece draw.  Going into the final round Neil had a small lead over Brian, while Paul, Dick, “Sherm” and  Joe were very much in the hunt.  In the final round Joe earned the clubhouse lead with a two cut win over “Sherm”. Next Dick came close to catching him with a one cut win over Paul. In the final Neil and Brian had a good match. Neil got a cut near the halfway point and then managed to hide the rest of the way earning both the match and contest win in the process. The final order of finish was Neil (2375pts), Joe (1945pts), Dick (1940pts) and Brian (1850pts).  “Sherm” was the sportsman winner finishing fifth overall.

On Sunday we were back to fly F2D Combat. There were five competitors, however, after three full rounds only two competitors were left. Greg Wornell was undefeated while Paul Kubek  was hanging in there with one defeat. Before the finals Brian Stas and Neil Simpson flew off for third place with Brian earning the win. In the final Paul had to get past Greg twice and he did just that earning the contest win in the process..

Thank You to Brian Stas, who secured the site and cd’ed the event. .

Eastern Mass Invitational
Formula GX Combat
8 Contestants (7 from MA) (1 from NH)
16 matches - 2 mid airs

(E) Neil Simpson-E.Brookfield, MA   2375pts
(E) Joe Fustolo-Stoughton, MA 1945pts
(E) Dick Sherman-Andover, MA1940pts
(E) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA    1850pts
(S) Richard Sherman-Andover, MA   1720pts
(E) Jim Carpenter- Salem, NH  1630pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA  1630pts
(A) Chris Sarnowski-Brookline, MA  1430pts

F2D Combat  (5 contestants)

Paul Kubek   4 wins – 1 loss
Greg Wornell 3 wins – 2 losses
Brian Stas    1 win – 2 losses (won fly-off)
Neil Simpson1 win – 2 losses (lost fly-off)
Jeff Vader     0 wins – 2 losses

The GX trophy winners were Neil Simpson (1st), Joe Fustolo (2nd), Dick Sherman (3rd)
and Richard Sherman (1st Sportsman)

photos below courtesy of Jeff Vader
The F2D Trophy winners were Paul Kubek (1st), Gregory Wornall (2nd)
and Brian Stas (3rd)
The photos below were taken by your editor at the GX portion of the event
Something really bad is happening above - something worse to follow