Eastern Mass Championships
F2D Combat


10-19-14 - HALIFAX, MA – The weather was seasonably cool with a strong wind, but still a pretty good day for some F2D combat. Six contestants were on hand for what was the final contest of the 2014 New England F2D season. After two rounds of action two pilots had been sent home, Chris Sarnowski and Brian Stas had one win and one loss while Grzegor Popowicz and Neil Simpson were sitting at two wins and no loses. In round three Neil handed Brian his final loss while Grzegor did likewise in a match with Chris. This left Neil and Grzegor to battle it out for first place with one of them having to lose twice. In the first match Neil got a two cut win in an exciting and well flown match. In the next match each pilot got one cut with Neil squeaking it out with a just a little more airtime than his opponent.

For the second contest in a row Brian brought coffee and doughnuts for everyone. Thank you Brian and thank you to the Wingbusters for the use of their fine facility. At day's end Grzegor, as he did at the last F2D meet sent everyone home with some Polish beer. Good guys in our group, great fun.

Eastern Mass Championships
F2D Combat (6 contestants)
October 19, 2014

Neil Simpson/E. Brookfield, MA5-0
Grzegor Popowicz/New Britain, CT  3-2
Chris Sarnowski/Bedford, MA  1-2  won coin flip
Brian Stas/Kingston, MA  1-2  lost coin flip
Paul Kubek/Brockton, MA0-2 
Greg Wornell/Wellesley, MA    0-2

The trophy winners were Neil Simpson (1st), Grzegor Popowicz (2nd) and Chris Sarnowski (3rd)

photos from Brian Stas and Paul Kubek