Eastern Mass Championships



AUGUST 12&13, 2006-– MIDDLEBORO, MA - Nine contestants participated in this year’s Eastern Mass Championships. The weather was warm, not hot, with low humidity. This was a two-day event, first up was Formula GX combat.

In round one action Neil Simpson set the pace with 725 points, however, Brian Stas, Matt Stas and Rick Clark were all in close pursuit. Round two saw Neil and Brian mid-air and the field tightened. Jeff Vader and Joe Fustolo both moved into contention with good round two wins. In round three Neil and Jeff used one cut wins over Joe and Brian , respectively, to earn the contest lead.

Going into round four it was Neil with 1545 points followed by Jeff (1340pts), Matt (1120pts), Paul Kubek (1110pts) and Joe (1020pts).  This contest would come down to the final three flights. In the first of these Rick and Paul flew to a draw. In the next match Joe got an airtime win over Matt. In the finals Neil and and Jeff battled hard and tight for several minutes. Neil had a one cut lead when a mid-air ended the proceedings. When the dust had settled Neil had enough points for the contest win with Jeff and Joe tied for second. In the subsequent fly-ff Jeff earned a second place finish out dueling Joe two cuts to one. Paul Kubek flew steady all day and finished in fourth place.

On Sunday we were back to fly F2D Combat. There were seven competitors. After two rounds of action only Rick Clark remained undefeated, one pilot was eliminated with five guys tied at one win and one loss.  In round three Brian Stas gave Rick his first loss and two other competitors were sent home with their second loss. In round four Neil Simpson gave Rick his second loss while Mark Rudner did likewise to Brian Stas. The match between Mark and Brian was a real tight action filled battle with both guys flying really well. In a fly off for third place Brian got past Rick Clark. In the finals Mark Rudner and Neil Simpson flew to a one cut apiece draw.  This necessitated a re-fly. Mark cut the first cut, however, it was on the string. Neil got the next one, everything but the knot. In the final minute there was wild action as Neil tried to get the string cut he needed for the win. During a line wrap, in the closing seconds, he got lucky, got the cut and took home the “gold”.

Thank You to Rick Clark, who cd’ed this event, and Thank You to the Wingbuster Model Airplane Club for allowing us to use their fine facility.

Eastern Mass Championships
Formula GX Combat
7 Contestants (6 from MA) (1 from NH)
14 matches - 2 mid airs

(E) Neil Simpson-East Brookfield, MA1845pts
(A) Jeff Vader-Franklin, NH        1540pts  
* won fly-off
(E) Joe Fustolo-Stoughton, MA  1540pts
(A) Paul Kubek-Brockton, MA    1520pts
(A) Brian Stas-Kingston, MA      1445pts
(A) Matt Stas-Kingston, MA       1220pts
(A) Rick Clark-Hingham, MA      1220pts

F2D Combat  (7 contestants)

Neil Simpson4 wins – 1 loss
Mark Rudner 3 wins – 2 losses
Brian Stas    2 wins – 2 losses 
* won fly-off
Rick Clark   2 wins – 2 losses
Ken Hargreaves           1 win – 2 losses 
* won coin flip
Jeff Vader    1 win – 2 losses
Matt Stas   0 wins – 2 losses

The trophy winners in GX were Neil Simpson (1st), Jeff Vader (2nd),
Joe Fustolo (3rd) and Paul Kubek (4th)
Almost too pretty to fly - Jeff Vaders latest GX foamy is transparent white with checkerboard trim
very very nice airplane
Photos courtesy of Gail Kubek, Jeff and Emily Vader
Paul Kubek and Matt Stas
Brian Stas and Rick Clark
The F2D Winners were Neil Simpson (1st),
Mark Rudner (2nd) and Brian Stas (3rd).
Jeff Vader and Mark Rudner
Brian Stas
Rick Clark and
Joe Fustolo
Paul Kubek
Rick Clark and Paul Kubek
Brian and Matt Stas
Ken Hargreaves and Brian Stas
Brian Stas and Rick Clark
Neil Simpson and Rick Clark
Brian Stas
Mark Rudner and Neil Simpson
Mark Rudner and Matt Stas