The top four were Right to Left Roy Glenn (1st), Ken Hargreaves (2nd), Phil Cartier (3rd) and filling in for his dad Louis Lopez, who finished fourth, is young Chris Lopez.
Chris was flying in his first contest and did very very well.

( Photos coutesy of Jeff Vader and Ken Hargreaves )
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East Coast Championships - Hershey, PA - 8-5-07

Final Order of Finish

Roy Glenn2571 pts
Ken Hargreaves   2515pts
Phil Cartier     2394pts
Louis Lopez    2358pts
Shaylene Vader    2267pts
Paul Kubek     1925pts
Gil Reedy 1909pts
Neil Simpson  1801pts
Chris Lopez         1744pts
Brian Stas     1718pts
Jeff Vader1709pts
Dan Reedy    1584pts