District I Championships-F2D Combat


AUGUST 17, 2008 – KINGSTON, MA – This was the location and date, the time and place for the annual District I Championships for F2D Combat. There were eleven pilots on hand for the fifth annual running of this event. This was the largest turnout ever and for the first time New England ran the event with two airplane per match, legitimate F2D rules.

The first two rounds moved along smoothly with Mark Rudner and Andrey Nadein emerging as the contest leaders each with two wins and no losses. Perhaps the best match in these first two rounds was a father and son battle between Mark and Chuck Rudner with Mark earning the win in a match where both showed their considerable skills. In round three Mark got past Andrey three cuts to two in another exciting match and then in round four Alex Prokofiev handed Mark his first loss two cuts to one. Going into round five only four pilots were left all with three wins and one loss. They were Mark, Alex, Matt Stas and Neil Simpson. In round five Mark handed Matt his second loss while Alex did likewise to Neil. Later Matt earned third place via a fly-off with Neil. In the finals Mark and Alex fought hard each getting two cuts, however, Mark won the match and the contest by virtue of airtime.

Great contest, thank you to Chuck Rudner for his participation and to Andrey Nadein, Alex Prokofiev, and Roy Glenn who all made long trips to participate. Thank you to all who helped with the judging particularly Tanya Nadein and Paul Kubek who both did more then their fair share.

District I Championships-F2D Combat
11 contestants

1. Mark Rudner, Somerville, MA  5 wins / 1 losses
2. Alex Prokofiev, South Plainfield, NJ 4 wins/ 2 losses
3. Matt Stas, Kingston, MA 3 wins / 2 losses * won fly-off
4. Neil Simpson, East Brookfield, MA  3 wins / 2 losses * lost fly-off
5. Andrey Nadein, Philadelphia, PA     2 wins / 2 losses
6. Chuck Rudner, Santa Ana, CA1 win / 2 losses
6. Roy Glenn, Southampton, NJ  1 win / 2 losses
6. Ken Hargreaves, Worcester, MA     1 win / 2 losses
6. Brian Stas, Kingston, MA1 win / 2 losses
10. Paul Kubek, Brockton, MA    0 wins / 2 losses
10. Jeff Vader, Franklin, NH 0 wins / 2 losses

The trophy winners were Mark Rudner (1st), Alex Prokofiev (2nd) and Matt Stas (3rd)

photos below courtesy of Jeff Vader