District I Championships-F2D Combat

SEPTEMBER 9, 2007 – MIDDLEBORO, MA – This was the location and date, the time and place for the annual District I Championships for F2D Combat. There were eight pilots on hand for the fourth annual running of this event.

In Round I Ken Hargreaves and Mark Rudner had an excellent match with Ken getting the nod two cuts to one. In Round II  Mark squared off against Neil Simpson in a full four minute war. Mark got one last cut in the final five seconds to prevail three cuts to two. This annual event was closely contested. As round three drew to a close only three pilots had been eliminated with the remainder of the field tied with one loss apiece. Three pilots succumbed to a loss in their fourth match causing a three way tie for third. Third place was settled with a fly-off for that position. Two matches later Greg Wornell had survived the fly-off, getting past Paul Kubek and Jeff Vader to take home the third place “gold”. This set the stage for a final match, between Mark and Neil, who each had one loss. Neil got a cut early and then mid-air contact disabled Mark’s machine while Neil’s was wounded, but still airborne accumulating airtime points and an ugly win. 

District I Championships-F2D Combat
8 contestants

1. Neil Simpson, E Brookfield, MA4 wins / 1 losses
2. Mark Rudner, Cambridge, MA  4 wins / 2 losses
3. Greg Wornell, Wellesley, MA   2 wins / 2 losses * won fly-off
4. Paul Kubek, Brockton, MA      2 wins / 2 losses
5. Jeff Vader, Franklin, NH   2 wins / 2 losses
6. Ken Hargreaves, Worcester, MA     1 win / 2 losses
7. Rick Clark, Hingham, MA        0 wins / 2 losses
8. Brian Stas, Kingston, MA        0 wins / 2 losses

The trophy winners were Neil Simpson (1st), Mark Rudner (2nd) and Greg Wornell (3rd)

photos below courtesy of Jeff Vader