District I Championships - F2D Combat
MAY 29, 2004  KINGSTON, MA  This was the location and date, the time and place for the first annual District I Championships for F2D Combat. There were seven pilots on hand for the premier running of this event. It is the fervent hope, of the New England combat contingent, that attendance will grow in subsequent years and from these humble beginnings a great contest will be born.

Round I started with a great match between Mark and Chuck Rudner. Chuck traveled all the way from Santa Ana, California to compete in this event and we were privileged to have him as part of our contest. This match was textbook stuff with both pilots demonstrating their considerable skills. Many of the subsequent matches were less impressive, however, the New England group continues to make good progress, as they adjust to these faster tighter turning F2D airplanes. One New England guy that was flying strong and consistent was Matt Stas. As the day unfolded and guys accumulated their two losses, reeled in their lines and became spectators two pilots remained undefeated until only they remained. Mark Rudner and Matt Stas were poised for a fly off of undefeated pilots at day's end. One guy would have to beat the other twice. These were all good matches with Mark winning the first, Matt the second and then a final, that saw Mark emerge victorious, was perhaps the best flown of the three, with both pilots giving a good account of themselves. The trophy spots went to Mark, Matt, Brian Stas and Jeff Vader.

All the equipment, this reporter observed, was either GRS or Mejzlik RTF airplanes with Cyclons or Foras for power. Everyone has their stuff running fast and consistent with no one gaining any distinct advantage relating to performance.

Thank You to Rick Clark and Paul Kubek, who traveled to this event to help with the judging. Gentlemen, please know it's appreciated. Thank You, as well, to Brian Stas who secured the site, hosted the event and to his wife Carol who had us back to her home for great food and conversation following Sunday afternoon's practice session.

District I Championships-F2D Combat
7 contestants (5 from MA) (1 from NH) (1 from CA)

1. Mark Rudner, Cambridge, MA 5 wins/ 1 loss
2. Matt Stas, Kingston, MA        4 wins / 2 losses
3. Brian Stas, Kingston, MA       2 wins / 2 losses
4. Jeff Vader, Franklin, NH  1 win / 2 losses
5. Neil Simpson, E. Brookfield, MA     1 win / 2 losses
6. Chuck Rudner, Santa Ana, CA0 wins / 2 losses
7. Ken Hargreaves, Worcester, MA     0 wins / 2 losses

The top four are Mark Rudner (1st), Matt Stas (2nd),
Brian Stas (3rd) and Jeff Vader (4th)
Mark and Chuck Rudner prep Mark's machine for the finals
Brian and Matt Stas get Matt's airplane ready for the final matches
The entire group who participated in the first anual istrict One Championships for F2D Combat
Kneeling: Matt Stas, Brian Stas and Jeff Vader
Standing: Mark Rudner, Chuck Rudner, Ken Hargreaves
and Neil Simpson
( Ken Hargreave Photo )
Mark Rudner and Matt Stas in the Finals
( Paul Kubek Photo )
Chuck Rudner makes one last needle adjustment
( Paul Kubek Photo )
Neil Simpson and Ken Hargreaves make a quick engine change
( Paul Kubek Photo )
Jeff Vader and Neil Simpson in an early round match-up
( Paul Kubek Photo )