District I Championships-F2D Combat

MAY 29, 2005 – KINGSTON, MA – This was the location and date, the time and place for the annual District I Championships for F2D Combat. There were five pilots on hand for the second annual running of this event. Do to unforeseen conflicts, several pilots missed this year’s event. We hope attendance will grow in subsequent years and that this can someday be a premier event.

Because of the low attendance we flew a round robin format, each pilot flying the other four once each, with the best record winning the contest. Any subsequent ties, for trophy spots, would then be broken by fly-offs. Round I started with a great match between Ken Hargreaves and Neil Simpson that ended in a draw.  In match two Rick Clark got his first of two good wins in a row when he got past Matt Stas. In his next match he got a win over Ken Hargreaves and, at that point, was the only undefeated pilot. Prior to that Ken Hargreaves, had also gotten a win over Matt. Despite his loss to Rick, he still looked like the other pilot who could compete for the win. In round four Ken got a win over Brian Stas and when Rick faltered late, Ken got the contest win. Meanwhile Rick, Brian and Neil finished in a dead heat for second. In the subsequent fly offs Brian got past Neil and then Rick got a well earned second place finish with a win over Brian. The trophy spots went to Ken, Rick, Brian and Neil.

The equipment was all RTF airplanes with either Cyclons or Foras for power. Everyone had their stuff running fast and consistent with no one gaining any distinct advantage relating to performance.

Thank You to Kirk Hargreaves and Paul Kubek, who traveled to this event to help with judging. Gentlemen, please know it’s appreciated. Thank You to Brian Stas who secured the site, hosted the event and to his wife, Carol, who invited us all to her home for great food and conversation following the contest.

District I Championships-F2D Combat
5 contestants

1. Ken Hargreaves, Worcester, MA2 wins/ 1 loss / 1 tie
2. Rick Clark, Hingham, MA  3 wins / 2 losses
3. Brian Stas, Kingston, MA 3 wins / 3 losses
4. Neil Simpson, East Brookfield, MA   1 win / 2 losses / 2 ties
5. Matt Stas, Kingston, MA  1 win / 2 losses / 1 tie

Left to Right the winners were Ken (1st), Rick (2nd), Brian (3rd) and Neil (4th).