District I Championships-F2D Combat

SEPTEMBER 20, 2009 – KINGSTON, MA – This was the location and date, the time and place for the annual District I Championships for F2D Combat. There were six pilots on hand for the sixth annual running of this event. The weather was perfect, warm not hot, light breeze and low humidity.

The first two rounds moved along smoothly with Mark Rudner and Gregory Wornell emerging as the contest leaders each with two wins and no losses. The third round started with a well flown match between Brian and Matt Stas. When it was over Matt advanced and Brian had joined Neil Simpson and Paul Kubek on the sideline. The next match was even better with Mark getting past Greg in what was really a great match. Next Greg had a good one with Matt. In the end Matt was relegated to third place and Greg was set to fly Mark for the contest win. Greg had to win twice and while he managed to get past Mark in the first match winning two in a row against Mark proved too greater task. Both of the final matches were very well flown.

District I Championships-F2D Combat
6 contestants

1. Mark Rudner, Somerville, MA    4 wins / 1 loss
2. Gregory Wornell, Wellesley, MA3 wins / 2 losses
3. Matt Stas, Kingston, MA   2 wins / 2 losses
4. Brian Stas, Kingston, MA  1 win / 2 losses
5. Neil Simpson, East Brookfield, MA    0 wins / 2 losses * won coin flip
6. Paul Kubek, Brockton, MA        0 wins / 2 losses * lost coin-flip

The trophy winners were Mark Rudner (1st), Greg Wornell (2nd)
and Matt Stas (3rd)

photos courtesy of Greg Wornell