107th R/C Flyers GX Shootout



AUGUST 16, 2009 - SAUGUS, MA - It was a bright, sunny day with temperatures in the 90's for the 107th R/C Flyer's Club GX Shoot-out. There were 8 pilots in attendance for the contest. Winds were a bit lighter than usual at the start of the contest, and stayed mild throughout the contest.

First round started by matching Jake Vader up with Chris Sarnowski. Jake showed some good moves, but Chris took the two cut win. Next up were Paul Kubek and Brian Stas. It was a good match, with Brian getting 1 cut on Paul, but then missed an air time for the tie. The third match of the round was between Jim Carpenter and Dick Sherman. Jim got 1 cut before Dick had a maneuver go wrong, sending his ship into the dirt. Dick got his ship back up, then put some moves on Jim and scored two good cuts. The final  match of the round was between Richard "Little Sherm" Sherman and Jeff Vader. Little Sherm showed off some good escape moves and got a cut on Jeff, but Jeff kept on him to get two cuts and the win.

Second round started with Jeff matched up with Chris. It started out well with a few good moves, but then Chris pulled a half loop into the ground. Chris was unable to continue due to damage, and Jeff took the airtime win. Second match of the round was between Paul and Dick. It was a good match with nice moves by both pilots, and Dick took the match with two cuts on Paul. Third up were Jim and Brian. It was not a long match, with a mid-air shortly after the first airtime. Last up were Little Sherm and Jake. Both pilots stepped up their game for the match, and it was some of the best flying we've seen from these two young men. Little Sherm kept pressing Jake and took the match.

Round Three began with a matchup between Jeff and Dick. It started well, but the ground came up on Dick. Jeff took the airtime win when Dick was unable to continue. Next up were Chris and Little Sherm. Little Sherm scored a cut on Chris, who came back for 2 cuts on him. Shortly after the 2nd cut, Chris attempted a vertical landing and the impact
snapped his ship's elevator in half. Little Sherm flew on to score additional air time and the win. Paul flew against Jim for the next match. Paul had some trouble with his fuel system, which send him down before the first air time. Paul missed the next airtime, then got back up and scored a cut on Jim.  Time ran out on Paul, and Jim held on for the win.
Jake and Brian had the final match of the round. Brian pressed Jake for 2 cuts and the win. Jake again showed some good moves trying to evade Brian's attacks. At the end of the third round, Jeff  was leading the pack with Dick and Little Sherm not too far behind.

The final round led off with Paul matched up with Jake. Jake kept Paul on his toes, with Paul taking two cuts and the win. Next up were Jim and Chris. They traded a cut on each other, but Jim had fed Chris his whole streamer to take an advantage. Jim pressed Chris for another cut to win the match. A father-son match followed, with Little Sherm taking
on his father. Dick and Little Sherm put up up a good match, each scoring a cut on the other. Dick's engine went rich and his ship lost a bit of speed. Little Sherm kept after Dick, and soon Dick's ship was headed down with a stopped engine.Little Sherm seized the opportunity to take a last cut off his father and secured the win. Jeff was now matched up with Brian for the final match. Jeff needed a 2 cut win over Brian to win the contest. Jeff got after Brian early in match, but Brian's elevator got in the way of Jeff's prop shortly after the first airtime. The mid-air ended the match for both pilots,
and put Jeff in second place. Little Sherm took both first place and the sportsman trophy.

Thanks to 107th R/C Flyer's Club for the use of their facilities, and to Dick Carville and the rest of the C/L flyers for their support and the use of the circle.

Report courtesy of Chris Sarnowski

107th R/C Flyers GX Shootout
Formula GX Combat
8 contestants ( 5 from MA ) ( 3 from NH )
16 matches ( 2 mid-airs )

Richard Sherman : 2575  (1st Place and Sportsman)
Jeff Vader :           1965   (2nd Place)
Dick Sherman :     1850   (3rd Place)
Jim Carpenter :      1745
Paul Kubek :         1635
Chris Sarnowski :  1530
Brian Stas :           1335
Jake Vader :          1200

The trophy winners were Richard Sherman ( 1st overall and 1st Sportsman )
Jeff Vader ( 2nd ) and Dick Sherman ( 3rd )

photos courtesy of Jeff Vader